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Kyrle House Clinic

Bookings for Kyrle House can be made by phone on 01432 273234 or can be made online here.

Prices from Jan 1st 2024

  • New patient adult 1 hr £70

  • Follow up adult 45 mins £58

  • New patient child 45 mins £58

  • Follow up child 30 mins £48


If you are suffering hardship, please do speak to your Osteopath, she will be happy to discuss concessions.

Kyrle House

4 Kyrle street



Tel: 01432 273234

What Should I Expect from my First Appointment?

Your first appointment will take an hour.


 I will take a detailed case history including the symptoms you are suffering at present, when they started and how they affect you in your everyday life.  I will ask detailed questions about your general health, accidents and trauma that you have suffered in the past, your past medical history including illnesses and operations, dental treatment (especially extractions and orthodontics), and any other relevant areas of health such as emotional stresses you are suffering or have suffered in the past.

This is followed by a full examination.  I will look at your body, assess your posture and, where relevant, observe how your spine and other joints move. Any appropriate tests such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure may be performed.  I discuss my findings with you and encourage you to ask questions all through your consultation.

I will use hands on techniques to feel for the general health state and any particular strain patterns. From this we make our holistic, working diagnosis, which is an ongoing discussion with you.


What should I wear?

You may be asked to undress to your underwear for the examination. Undressing is not always necessary after the first visit but please do wear loose fitting clothes or stretchy fabrics to allow your body to move and so we can feel ‘through’ them. 


Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or carer who stays for the duration of the session. Adult patients may bring a chaperone if desired.

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